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Construction accident worker's compensation

Have you suffered injuries in a construction accident? At the Blumenshine Law Group, our Chicago construction accident lawyers are advocates for the right of all employees to labor in a safe work environment. Moreover, we understand that when your workplace is a construction site, injuries can be more severe than typical workplace injuries due to the dangerous circumstances.

If you are injured in a construction accident, we can help you deal with the insurance company, file a claim, and get the compensation you deserve. Construction workers along with visitors that are injured while on-site visiting a construction site may be able to file a claim for a construction injury. The outcome of a construction mishap can encompass injuries that prevent the injured from making a living to wrongful death.

Protecting your rights by conducting a thorough investigation

Working alongside specialists, investigative authorities, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a construction accident attorney can carefully examine the accident scene and take necessary legal measures to preserve evidence. We can get to the bottom of your case—if negligence was a cause of your construction injury, we can find out what happened.

Common types of construction injury accidents

With the extreme conditions often associated with construction sites—towering heights, powerful machinery, etc.—injuries that workers sustain can be particularly severe, sometimes with lifelong effects. Common types of accidents and injuries that occur at work sites include the following:

  • Caught in/under/between: One or more body parts become stuck, pinched, crushed or squeezed by equipment or building materials.
  • Falls from heights: A worker falls off a ladder, scaffold, roof or other elevated surface.
  • Same-level fall: A slip, trip or stumble and fall onto a non-elevated surface causes injuries.
  • Struck by/against: A worker, or one of his or her body parts collides with a piece of equipment or machinery, or he or she is struck by a flying or moving object. Additionally, severe noise can strike or impact the eardrums of a worker.
  • Motor vehicle accidents: Traffic accidents can be caused by debris or activity at a construction site.
  • Other musculoskeletal injuries: Workers can sustain injuries to the legs, knees, ankles, feet, back, neck, or arms due to overexertion, kneeling, squatting, lifting, overextension, awkward postures, hand pinching, gripping, vibration, or exposure to other repetitive motions.

Do you have a case?

As we examine the details of your case, our construction attorneys consult with OSHA experts and mechanical design and equipment experts, as well as life care and vocational authorities, all of whom can give us a clear, full picture of the accident and your injury.

As we answer the following questions, we can formulate an effective plan for helping you attain your rightful compensation.

  • What caused the accident? Was it preventable? Did negligence play a part?
  • Were unsafe plans, procedures, tools, equipment, or other products involved?
  • What costs have you already incurred due to your injury?
  • What further costs can be expected over time?
  • Is there any long-term disability, and if so, how is it likely to affect your quality of life and your ability to continue working?
  • Were any OSHA violations present?

One effective way OSHA protects construction workers is by regulating work conditions. When work conditions are unsafe, they often involve one or more violations of OSHA safety codes. If violations are discovered, it may factor into your eligibility for compensation.

Sometimes workers compensation is not enough

The coverage you can get through workers compensation benefits has limits. For example, you cannot receive compensation for pain and suffering. But workers comp can often cover the real costs of your injury. The only way you can be sure to obtain the maximum compensation possible is with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable construction accident attorney.

Our Construction Accident Attorneys are here for you

The attorneys at our construction accident law firm are strong advocates for employee rights. If you are a construction worker who suffered an injury because you were not adequately protected at work, we are prepared to fight on your behalf.

For a free consultation about construction accident representation, contact the Blumenshine Law Group today or call us at (312) 766-1000 text us at (312) 313-3466 or email at [email protected] We serve clients in Chicago and throughout Illinois.

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