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Successful Illinois Accident Injury Verdicts Awards and Settlements

The Blumenshine Law Group has a proven track record of achieving favorable outcomes for our clients in a wide range of personal injury claims. We understand that being involved in a lawsuit can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, which is why we strive to provide our clients with the highest level of legal representation and personalized attention. With years of experience, our team of skilled attorneys has successfully negotiated and litigated numerous cases, resulting in significant settlements for our clients. We are proud to share some of our recent successful settlements with you, and we invite you to learn more about how our firm can help you achieve a positive outcome in your legal matter.

$5,000,000 - Hand amputation sustained in factory work incident. 28-year-old father suffered crushed fingers and hand in pinch point rollers on a metal cutting machine. Our client was working as a machine operator. He was putting tape on the rollers when a co-worker mistakenly pushed the roller start button. Allegations were that the defendant manufacturer failed to provide readily available safety guards and devices. Our client underwent 17 surgeries. Medical expenses were in excess of $500,000. Recovery included a waiver of workers' compensation liens, contribution by employer's work liability coverage, and payment from manufacturer liability policy.

$3,950,000 - Mediation recovery for man who suffered quadriplegia injury as a result of a fall down incident. Our client was an anesthesiologist reporting for duty at a hospital.  In the hospital lobby, one of the elevators was under construction. The hospital placed a buckled floor mat that caused our client to stumble and fall. We got testimony from the former head of housekeeping that mat was prone to folds and was not taped to the floor.  Our client caught the heel of his shoe on a buckle in the mat and fell backward and struck the back of his neck on a couch adjacent to the elevator. He is paralyzed for the rest of his life.

$1,500,000 - Recovered for leg crush injuries sustained by a 31-year-old truck driver at a truck repair facility. Our client, a married father of 2 young boys, was seriously injured when a truck at a repair facility was accidentally placed into gear, lurched forward, and pinned our client between two trucks. The allegations against the shop owner included its failure to institute safe truck maintenance policies because it allowed the striking truck to be in close proximity to other vehicles and that it failed to place wheel chocks under the truck to prevent its inadvertent movement. The allegations against the other truck driver included the negligent operation of his truck in the proximity of other people within the shop. As a result of the impact, our client was hospitalized for a week and over the next year had more than 24 drainage procedures to remove the accumulation of fluids in his legs. The diagnosis of his injuries was Morel-Lavelee lesions which is an internal degloving that involves the shearing of the internal muscle and other tissues. He missed extensive time from his work and was unable to be of assistance and care at home and for his family for an extended time. 

$1,275,000 - Mediated recovery for 58-year-old elevator mechanic who slipped and fell on the slippery coating on the roof of a high rise. He and his co-workers were on the roof attempting to access the elevator housing. The client has had multiple back surgeries and now walks with a cane.

$1,250,000 - policy limits - motor vehicle collision - our client sustained neck and back injuries in a rear-end car crash. He underwent neck surgery (posterior cervical discectomy and fusion) and developed back pain and symptoms radiating into legs (myelopathy)

$900,000 – Recovery for our client as a result of a stool collapse at a laundromat. Rotator cuff tear needing 3 surgeries including total shoulder replacement. BLG’s client was playing with a video gaming machine while waiting for her laundry to finish its cycle when the provided stool unexpectedly collapsed. Upon inspection, the stool was made in China, and sold in Walmart listed as “not for commercial use” with a weight limit.  The defendant-laundromat and defendant-video-gaming company disputed ownership and placement of the stool but were unable to locate the stool. BLG faced significant obstacles in the litigation of this matter including a defendant bankruptcy, continuance of a jury trial due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and a defense attorney. 

$862,000 - Arbitration award for severe ankle fracture with surgery after falling in a hole at a farm in Iowa.

$850,000 - For our client who sustained a neck injury requiring cervical disc fusion surgery. Our 35-year-old client, a married father of 3 children who worked the night shift at a factory was injured in a two-car collision. Two prior law firms represented our client but could not locate the full insurance coverage available for the crash. After two years of litigation, we found a $1,000,000 dollar commercial vehicle insurance liability policy. The case was settled after litigation during several mediation sessions. The Judge recommended a settlement of $600,000 because of the conservative venue where the case was filed. Because he was suffering ongoing pain and other symptoms in his arms, he was evaluated by a neurosurgeon who opined that our client had the potential to develop adjacent disc syndrome and was at risk of needing additional treatment. 

$650,000 - Arbitration Award. Our 52-year-old client, a heating and air conditioning mechanic, was injured in a rear collision by an underinsured motorist. Our client suffered shoulder and back injuries. His treatment included shoulder surgery and the implantation of a spinal cord stimulator. The Award was entered by a 3 arbitrator panel on our client's Underinsured Motorist coverage claim against his own insurer. His insurance company hired "an accident reconstructionist" to testify that the collision was low speed and thus not likely to result in an injury. They also hired an orthopedic surgeon to testify that our client had pre-existing shoulder and back conditions that would have eventually resulted in deterioration and treatment.

$600,000 - Settlement for woman with brain injury when knocked down by tractor-trailer in a low-speed collision.

$550,000 - Federal court mediation of life insurance policy proceeds dispute. Benefits recovered on behalf of ex-wife of a deceased man who had a life insurance policy providing in excess of $1,000,000.00 in benefits. The claim was disputed by the life insurer and the decedent's father.

$520,000 - Pre trial conference conducted on a two-vehicle crash involving a tractor-trailer. The collision caused severe anoxic brain injury rendering the client comatose.

$507,000 - Jury verdict for our client who sustained a right shoulder rotator cuff tear requiring surgery. The injury resulted from a left-turning Chicago Transit Authority Bus. The last offer before trial was $95,000.

$500,000 - Arbitration award, on underinsured motorist claim, for bicyclist struck by a car. Two back surgeries required.

$475,000 - For wrongful death of truck driver injured due to defective vehicle and failed safety procedure at loading dock. The fatal crush injury was captured on videotape.

$410,000 - Settlement of construction site fall causing elbow injury requiring surgery.

$400,000 - Disability insurance policy claim resolved at a federal court-mandated mediation. Our client was a physician who developed a medical condition that impaired her ability to properly and fully perform her professional occupation tasks. The insurer denied the claim for 4 years until weeks before trial.

$400,000 - Mediated settlement for a young man who sustained a complex patella fracture in an auto collision and pulmonary embolism during surgery.

$400,000 - Mediation recovery for bicyclist struck by car. He sustained traumatic brain injury causing cognitive and functional impairments including loss of memory and word-finding difficulty

$390,000 - Mediated settlement for a 10-year-old child who suffered near drowning in a hotel pool and suffered anoxic brain injury requiring special education due to disabilities. The child was underwater for 6 minutes and survived due to the mammalian response of the body which shut off breathing and thus preserved her brain.

$370,000 - Plus waiver of $300,000 - workers compensation lien on product liability claim. Client injured when the nuclear medicine shipping box handle broke. Uncovered evidence was that box handle regularly broke and the manufacturer and distributor failed to alter the design and failed to warn of the problem. Box was discontinued and a new safe device in place.

$340,000 - Arbitration award on underinsured motorist claim. The client's insurer offered $5,000 to settle. The claimant sustained a fractured sternum, lumbar spine injury, and aggravation of pre-existing cervical and thoracic spine conditions. She had received pain injections for the pre-existing conditions the month before the collision.

$310,000 - Premises liability case wherein our client sustained fractures and ligament tear to her elbow. She fell as a result of the defective front steps of the home she and her family had leased for 20 years. The front steps of our client’s home were worn and pitted. The stairway failed to have a handrail as required by the local building code. However, the Defendant-landlord’s arguments of our client’s continuous possession of the property for 20 years, knowledge of the stairs being dangerous prior to the fall, and access to multiple other means to exit the home was substantial obstacles to recovery. BLG overcame multiple motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment in this multi-party litigation in obtaining a substantial recovery for our client.

$300,000 - Recovered for the family on accidental death insurance policy in federal court litigation. Insured father and husband, a Vietnam War veteran with a history of emotional disturbance and substance abuse, was found dead in a body of water in a neighborhood pond. Insurer denied claim based on alcohol in blood levels and recent suicidal ideations.  

$300,000 - Recovered from employee life insurance policy benefits obtained on behalf of children whose father was killed in a work-related incident.

$285,000 - Settlement for a pedestrian struck in the ankle by a vehicle driving on the sidewalk.

$250,000 - Liability policy limits recovered for 65-year-old female pedestrian who was struck while in a crosswalk by a driver (who was a physician). Our client was on her way to pick up her grandson from a Chicago elementary school. The at-fault driver was looking for a parking spot and was going to pick up her daughter at the same school. The at-fault driver apparently did not see our client in the crosswalk and struck her at a low speed.

The impact caused injuries to our client’s head neck and right knee. She was diagnosed with a concussion, cervical disc herniations and a right knee lateral meniscus tear. She initially received injections, medication, and physical therapy. Due to unrelenting pain and disability, she ultimately received surgery on her knee. An underinsured motorist claim is pending.

$250,000 - Recovered for 56-year-old female fitness and yoga instructor injured in a car crash. The client had significant pre-existing hip problems including prior hip surgery. The car crash caused aggravation and worsening of the hip condition that required total hip replacement surgery. Recovered $100,000 auto liability insurance limits from at-fault driver. Recovered $150,000 in underinsured motorist insurance coverage from the client's auto insurer.

$250,000- Uninsured motorist claim arbitration award for woman who suffered severe wrist fracture requiring surgical repair.

$250,000 - Mediation recovery for 20-year-old college student due to 30-foot fall through rooftop skylight while at a party.  The client sustained multiple injuries including a wrist fracture requiring surgery, a hip fracture, and facial scarring. Evidence was that the property owner knew that the tenant had partied on the roof and that rooftop skylights were in bad condition.

$231,000 - Pre-trial conference settlement for construction worker sustained severe elbow injury while working on Midway Airport project. A 25-year-old steel worker was in a man lift working under dangerous, slippery, windy, snowy conditions.

$225,000 – Judge mediated settlement for our client who slipped and fell on a jet bridge adapter. She sustained a torn meniscus while boarding an airplane. Our client was an active woman that enjoyed over five decades of hiking and downhill skiing prior to this injury. The Defendant-airline argued that BLG’s client had extensive osteoarthritis in her knee as a result of her active lifestyle, and BLG’s client’s own orthopedic surgeon could not rule out the injury that had pre-existed the fall. 

$225,000 - Arbitration award to woman bit in hand by sister’s dog while at sister’s house for Christmas.

$215,000 - Truck driver was injured when he stepped on a cardboard box placed between the back of the truck bed and dock obscuring the gap where the driver fell.

$200,000 - Our client aggravated a pre-existing rotator cuff tear due to a defective spring on a garage door. BLG’s client was called to the aid of his sister, who was late for work because her garage door would not open. Our client’s sister suggested he should manually lift the garage door high enough for her to be able to pull her vehicle out of the garage. In an effort to help his sister, BLG’s client lifted the garage door long enough for the vehicle to be removed from the garage when the garage door fell onto our client’s left shoulder. Defendant disputed the nature and extent of our client’s injuries, as our client was conservatively treating the partially torn rotator cuff injury for years prior to the incident. 

$200,000 - Arbitration award, on uninsured motorist claim, for aggravation of pre-existing lumbar herniated disc for a 50-year-old male in an auto collision.

$175,000 - Auto collision claim for herniated lumbar discs.

$154,000 - Arbitration award in contested premises liability claim. Client 64-year-old female tripped on a crack in the walkway leading to an apartment building. She Fell and broke her arm. Landlord and insurance company denied liability.

$160,000 - For ankle fracture due to fall on snow and ice on apartment steps. Landlord provided in the lease that he would repair steps and provide lighting which he failed to do.

$135,000- Underinsured motorist claim arbitration award for Chicago firefighter, struck while on a bicycle and sustained injury including rotator cuff tear requiring surgery.

$130,000 - Recovered for a 65-year-old woman, a wife and mother, who is employed as a professional benefits consultant. She slipped and fell on frozen coffee in underground Pedway in entrance of Block 37 mall. Our client fractured her forearm bone (ulna) and required an open reduction and internal fixation. The evidence established that the property management security service notified housekeeping of frozen coffee however security did not secure, barricade against or warn of the hazardous condition prior to the slip and fall.

$130,000 - Mediated recovery for a 75-year-old female client who suffered a hip fracture when the medical care driver failed to assist the client to the vehicle.

$115,000 - Our client suffered multiple bone fractures in her ankle due to broken pavement in city parking lot; defendant city repaired and repaved defective pavement shortly after the fall, thus making lot safe for pedestrians.

$100,000 - Recovered for slip and fall injury in currency exchange. Rotator cuff surgery was required. The defense contended natural accumulation of water in premises for which it was not liable under Illinois law.

$100,000 - Recovery of life insurance policy proceeds for an unmarried life partner in dispute with the children of the deceased.

$100,000 - Arbitration award for a herniated cervical disc for 35-year-old wife and mother.

$37,500 - Arbitration award for our client who suffered traumatic amputation of fingertip when moving truck lift closed on his finger ; recovery received from truck rental company; our case alleged failure of the company to instruct users on safety rules for using lift gate.

$25,000 - Recovered burial life insurance policy benefits arising from the death of our client's brother; the life insurance company initially denied the claim based on alleged application misrepresentation.

Policy Limits - Successful judgment for the plaintiff at the trial of an uninsured motorist coverage case. Our 25-year-old client was severely injured when she was walking in a crosswalk and was struck by an uninsured hit-and-run SUV. We filed an uninsured motorist claim with her mother's auto insurance company. They denied the claim. We filed suit and proved our client's entitlement to coverage at trial. 

This is a sampling of our successes. Our firm’s past results do not guarantee a similar outcome will be negotiated in your case. It is important for an attorney to carefully review the unique facts and legal issues that are involved with your case.

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