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Guiding Families Through Wrongful Death Claims in Oak Lawn

Wrongful death occurs when an individual loses their life due to the actions of another party or a negligent company. As Oak Lawn wrongful death lawyers, our mission is to assist and support families who have suffered the tragic loss of a beloved family member.

Wrongful death can involve car crashes, mistakes by doctors, or dangers at work. In Illinois, the law says that family members can ask for money to cover funeral costs and loss of support for the deceased person.

Our team has helped get millions in settlements for people we’ve worked with. If you’re considering a claim, you must know there’s a time limit in Illinois—usually two years from the day someone passed away—to start your case.

Some claims are called survival action claims; they deal with losses suffered before the person dies.

Having lawyers on your side for these cases is very important because they understand how complicated these rules can be. We’ll explain it all as clearly as possible so you will know what’s going on every step of the way.

Let’s examine how an Oak Lawn wrongful death attorney can stand up for you and your family during such hard times.

Understanding Wrongful Death

Wrongful death happens when someone dies because of another person’s mistake or bad choice. It could be a careless driver, a doctor who made a big error, or an unsafe workplace. We know that money cannot replace your loved one, but it can help cover the costs and support you after your loss.

If this happened to your family, you might have the right to ask for money to cover funeral costsmedical bills before they passed away, and other financial support that was lost.

We are here to look out for you in these hard times and want to ensure those responsible provide what is needed. If your family is hurting because someone else did something wrong that led to a death, please get in touch with Blumenshine Law Group at (312)766-1000 for help.

Role of an Oak Lawn Wrongful Death Attorney

At our law firm, we recognize the dual burdens of grief and complexity that wrongful death cases bring. As Oak Lawn wrongful death attorneys, we are committed to shouldering the legal challenges for you, letting you focus on healing while we pursue justice for your loved one.

Guiding through financial and emotional trauma

Losing someone you love hurts a lot. You may feel lost and alone, facing big bills for their medical care and the funeral. We understand these hard times. Our Oak Lawn wrongful death lawyers are here to help with money problems and heartache.

We work hard to get families like yours the cash they need for things like lost paychecks from your loved one, medical bills before they passed away, and saying goodbye in a respectful way.

We also know it’s not just about the money; it’s about missing your loved one every day. So, along with fighting for your financial rights, we support you through this tough emotional journey.

We listen to your stories, share in your grief, and stand by you as friends who really care while we take care of all the legal stuff that comes with a wrongful death lawsuit.

We know the legal steps can be confusing after you lose a loved one. First, we help you understand your Illinois Wrongful Death Act rights. Then, our skilled wrongful death attorneys handle your case every step of the way.

We deal with court filings and fight hard to prove that someone else’s wrong actions caused your loss.

Our team works closely with you to gather all needed evidence for your claim. This includes medical records and expert testimony to support your case in court. After that, we look at common causes of wrongful deaths, like car accidents and medical mistakes, to prepare a strong argument for you.

Common Causes of Wrongful Death

Understanding the myriad of circumstances that can give rise to a wrongful death is crucial for families seeking justice. Our experience shows that such tragedies often stem from moments of negligence or oversight, far-reaching consequences, and necessitating a thorough legal response.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Cars, trucks, and motorcycles are a big part of getting around. But they can also be dangerous. In Illinois, crashes on the road are one of the primary ways people die by accident.

If someone you love died because another person was careless or broke the rules on the road, we can help.

We seek money for families who lost someone in a crash. This covers medical bills paid before they passed away and wages they won’t earn any more. It’s important to act fast because there are rules about when you can start your case.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors and nurses are supposed to keep us safe, but sometimes they make big mistakes. These errors can cause serious harm or even death. In Oak Lawn, we see medical malpractice cases where patients receive the wrong diagnosis, their illness is not found in time, surgeries go wrong, and other bad things happen because of carelessness or mistakes by medical professionals.

If someone you love died because a doctor or nurse did something wrong, you might have a case for wrongful death. We help families like yours look for money to cover medical bills and other costs when a loved one dies because of these errors.

Our job is to stand up for your rights and fight so that those who made the mistake pay for what happened.

Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents often lead to serious injuries or even death. In Oak Lawn, IL, these sad events can result in a wrongful death claim. We at Blumenshine Law Group understand how hard this time is for families.

Our team stands ready to help you get through the legal steps after losing a loved one on the job. We work with care and attention to fight for the justice your family deserves.

If you suspect someone’s mistake caused your loved one’s workplace accident, our experienced Oak Lawn personal injury attorneys are here to guide you. We will look into what happened, figure out who is responsible, and take action so you can focus on healing together as a family.

Knowing if You Have a Wrongful Death Case

We often meet people who aren’t sure if they have a wrongful death case. To know for sure, we look at a few important things. First, there must be proof that someone’s careless actions or failure to act caused the death.

This could mean a driver not paying attention on the road or a doctor making a big mistake during surgery. Second, there has to be evidence that the family is hurt by their loss. This includes money problems from lost wages and deep emotional pain from no longer having their loved one around.

If these are true for you, it might be time to discuss filing a claim. Our job as personal injury lawyers is to help guide you through this tough process. We can explain everything in simple terms and stand up for your rights every step of the way.

Types of Damages Recoverable in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

When pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit, comprehending the types of damages that can be recovered is crucial for the financial future of a grieving family. We strive to help our clients secure compensation that addresses tangible and intangible losses from their loved one’s untimely passing.

Economic Damages

We understand how hard losing a loved one can be and the financial stress it often brings. Economic damages are real costs that families face after a wrongful death. These might include the money your loved one used to bring home, benefits they had, funeral costs, or medical bills from their care before they passed away.

Our job at Blumenshine Law Group is to help you figure out all these expenses and work to get you the financial support needed to cover them.

Dealing with insurance companies and getting all the paperwork for these claims can be tough. We’re here to ensure no detail is missed and every dollar owed is pursued.

After discussing economic damages, let’s explore non-economic damages that could also be part of your claim.

Non-Economic Damages

Money isn’t the only thing you lose when a loved one passes away. The pain and suffering, the loss of companionship, and the deep emotional wounds can be just as tough to handle. These are called non-economic damages and are real parts of your personal injury case.

You have the right to seek money for these losses, too. For example, if you’ve lost someone special, you might get help for mental anguish or for losing their love and support. We know these things matter deeply to surviving family members.

That’s why we’re here to guide you through claiming compensation that reflects not just financial losses but also acknowledges your emotional trauma.

Time Limit for Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

In Illinois, you have two years to start a wrongful death claim. But there are times when these rules change.

  • If your loved one died because of medical mistakes, the time limit might be different.
  • You may have more time for cases about children or if the person responsible is charged with a crime.
  • You cannot start a lawsuit after this time ends unless there are special conditions.
  • The court could refuse your case if you file too late. This would mean no chance of getting help with costs or pain from losing someone.

The Process of Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

At our firm, we simplify filing a wrongful death claim by methodically handling each step, ensuring that your rights and interests are fiercely protected throughout. With our expertise, we’ll embark on this legal journey together, confronting challenges head-on as we strive for the justice your loved one deserves.

Initiating a Claim

To start a wrongful death claim, we first file a legal document called a complaint. This document says who is responsible for your loved one’s death and why they should pay. We know that Illinois gives you two years to do this after the loss of someone close.

Our team works quickly to ensure we meet this time limit so you don’t miss your chance for justice.

We then talk to witnesses, look at police reports, and gather all the proof needed to show that it wasn’t just an accident—someone didn’t take care or made a mistake that led to the tragedy.

With each step, we keep things clear and guide you with care because facing insurance companies can be tough without strong help by your side.

Gathering Necessary Evidence

After starting a wrongful death claim, we need to collect strong proof. This means getting things like medical records, bills, and information about how much money the deceased person made.

These help us show the court how your life has changed because of your loss. We also find people who saw what happened and experts who can explain it in court.

We understand these steps might feel hard when you’re grieving. That’s why we handle gathering evidence with care and respect for you and your family. Our job is to build a powerful case so that you can focus on healing while we fight for justice on your behalf.

Survival Action Vs. Wrongful Death Claims

In our pursuit of justice, we often encounter confusion between survival actions and wrongful death claims, but it’s crucial to distinguish the two as they cater to different aspects of the law following a tragic loss.

Understanding these legal mechanisms empowers us to seek full accountability under the nuanced tapestry of personal injury laws.

Definition of Survival Action

survival action is a lawsuit that takes the place of any personal injury claims the deceased person could have filed if they had lived. In these cases, we step in for someone who can’t speak for themselves.

The law sees the estate as a person and allows us to fight for things like their unpaid medical billslost wages, and even their pain before they died.

It’s our job to ensure the estate executor files this claim correctly. We work closely with them to gather proof, talk to health experts, and show how badly the injury affected your loved one before they passed away.

This is how we help seek fairness after an unexpected loss.

Difference between Survival Action and Wrongful Death Claims

As we delve into the heart of these matters, it’s crucial to distinguish between a survival action and wrongful death claims. Survival actions are about what your loved one could have done if they had not died.

They let us go after the money they could’ve earned or claimed because someone hurt them before they passed away. This includes their pain and lost wages from when they got hurt until their last day.

On the other side, wrongful death claims focus on helping you—the family left behind—after losing someone special. In these cases, we work to get you money for things like funeral costs and what you’ll miss out on without them, such as income to support your family or simply having them by your side.

The law in Illinois has different rules for each type of case, including who can start the claim and how long you have to do it. We’re here to guide families through either situation with care and expertise.

When dealing with the profound loss of a loved one due to someone’s negligence, securing proper legal representation is crucial in navigating a wrongful death claim. Our team possesses the expertise and unwavering commitment to uphold your rights and ensure justice is served for you and your family during such a difficult time.

Having a lawyer is key in wrongful death claims. We know the law and can fight for you. Our job is to get you money for funeral costsmedical bills, and the help your loved one gave before they died.

Courts are tough places with lots of rules. We handle these each day and make sure everything is done right.

Our team at Blumenshine Law Group has won millions for our clients in Oak Lawn and throughout Illinois. We stand up to insurance companies that don’t want to pay what’s fair. 

Our Expertise and Commitment

We know how hard it is to lose someone you love because of someone else’s mistake. Our Blumenhsine Law Group has the skills and heart to help families during such tough times.

We fight to get them the money they need, even though we know it can’t replace their loved ones.

Our promise is simple: we will work tirelessly for justice on your behalf. From car crashes to medical mistakes, we’ve helped many people recover after a tragic loss.

Trust in our experience as Oak Lawn wrongful death attorneys to handle your case with care and dedication.

How to Reach Out To a Wrongful Death Attorney in Oak Lawn

If you need help with a wrongful death case in Oak Lawn, Blumenshine Law Group is here. Call us anytime or send a message online. We can talk on the phone, chat live, text, or meet virtually.

Our team works hard to make it simple to get the legal support you need.

You don’t have to worry about upfront costs because we offer free consultations. Just reach out and tell us what happened. We’ll listen and explain how we can fight for your rights.

Whether it’s day or night, know that our lawyers are ready to guide you through this tough time.

At our law firm, we stand with families in Oak Lawn through tough times. Our wrongful death attorneys offer support and guidance when you’re facing loss. We fight for justice and money to help heal after a tragedy.

Reach out today for a free talk about your case. Remember, we charge no fees unless we win for you.


1. What does an Oak Lawn wrongful death attorney do?

An Oak Lawn wrongful death attorney helps families get money after someone dies because of another person’s careless actions, such as in a car or truck accident.

2. When should I contact a wrongful death attorney in Oak Lawn?

If your family member died due to someone else’s fault, like speeding or distracted driving, call an Attorney right away because there are time limits for starting a lawsuit.

3. Can an insurance company pay if my loved one was killed wrongfully?

Yes, sometimes the person who made the mistake has insurance that can pay for things like medical bills and the sorrow of losing someone very close.

4. What is “loss of consortium” in a wrongful death case?

Loss of consortium means you miss the love and help from the person who died because of someone else’s negligence.

5. If my relative died due to misdiagnosis or disease control failure, can I file a claim?

You might be able to file a lawsuit if poor medical care led to your family member’s death; this could include mistakes with medicines or sicknesses not stopped correctly.

Yes – words like “duty of care,” “breach,” “causation,” and more describe how somebody did something wrong leading to the accident; lawyers understand these terms well.

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